Is Vacuuming Carpet Cleaning?

The Vacuum as a carpet cleaning machine.
The Vacuum as we call it is a very versatile electricity powered utility found practically in every home which serves the purpose of sucking dust particles and relatively larger debris from carpet into its inbuilt storage facility for the purpose of cleaning carpet fiber in between washing by a professional.

Carpet is vacuumed in and dust particles are sucked into the vacuum in the attempt to clean dirt that would be too difficult to sweep with a broom or too fine to get out of carpet fiber.
Vacuums are ideal for a home in the desert, with a dog, little kids around who have accidents and make floors messy. This is why most homes have them handy and what makes the vacuum such a useful contraption to have in any home, office or store and it could be easily stored and plugged and used at anytime you would need it.

Cleaning carpet is not what a vacuum does however, since it simply removes particulates but does not wash the fiber from stains, from dropped fluids, large food particles on the carpet, tracked soil stains and floors that cannot be cleaned out thoroughly with the aid of a vacuum but need a professional cleaning once per month to wash the carpet or rug.
Since carpet is easily stained with fluid vacuums are not designed to clean the fibers of the rug or carpet. Cleaning a carpet requires the removal of bacteria, particulates, stains and other elements by a solution which washes the carpet fiber. Hence it must be clearly understood that going through the motions of vacuuming alone will not keep your carpet clean.

Carpets are generally made of wool, acrylic, polyester and similar materials and are easily stained due to the fibers absorbing properties and this is why cleaning a carpet allows it to be safeguarded by regular cleaning, especially using safe and green methods.

Soiled carpets could spread disease and sickness and if you have carpet, it is very important to ensure that they are kept clean and free of any disease carrying dust mites, bacteria and other germs which could easily hide away from our prying eyes.

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